Pieter teaches 'Magic Balloon Art' Classes all over the world, he currently offers 15 different classes for beginning to advanced balloon twisters that can be taught in English. Besides classes with step by step explanation of figures Pieter also offers design classes, technique classes and a class about photography.

All classes are best taught with minimum 90 minutes



(small-sized sculptures; duration flexible)

Cute and cuddly designs to impress your audience that can be made within a few minutes. Examples of designs include: rabbit, lion, and octopus. As time allows, more sculptures can be added to this workshop like a butterfly, flower, dinosaur, etc. Full list of choices provided upon request. Since many designs are available for this class, Pieter can teach several different classes on “Cute and Compact” designs.

This is primarily a hands-on class for beginner to intermediate twisters where attendees build the sculptures Pieter teaches, but if the class becomes short on time, Pieter can demonstrate the remaining figures for the attendees.





(medium-sized sculptures, duration fexible)

Sweet and lovely balloon designs that are sure to “WOW!” while twisting at any party. Designs may include Pieter’s famous Bunny on A Carrot, Huggable Duckie. More designs are available upon request, and Pieter can teach multiple different classes on “Sweet Designs”.

This is preferably a hands-on class; figures will be taught as time allows.



(Larger sculptures, duration flexible)

The Qualatex 15” Mousehead is a versatile balloon, and this workshop will introduce students to many possibilities and different designs that are achievable with this particular balloon.

Students can expect to learn 2-3 hands-on designs.

Class 4: “TOYS FOR BOYS”

(medium-sized sculptures, duration flexible)

So many balloon designs are sweet and adorable, but sometimes you need rough and tough! This class covers useful figures for kids who don’t want cute and cuddly… Hands-on designs may include a race car, pirate ship, dinosaurs, medieval weapons, minions, and many more! More designs than shown are available, and Pieter can Teach more than one class on 'Toys for Boys' designs.

This is a hands-on class; figures will be explained as time allows. 


Class 5: “MINIONS”

(Medium sized sculptures, duration flexible)

A step-by-step hands on class for intermediate twisters about creating detailed Minions. Students will have a chance to make minions in a variety of sizes (evil and non-evil!). These designs can even be used as deliverable sculptures or table centrepieces.


(medium-sized sculptures, duration flexible)


This class features a variety of balloon designs for animals and elements of the beach and ocean. Animals may include fish, seal, turtle, dolphin, killer whale, water birds, etc… More designs than pictured are available, and Pieter can teach several different classes on unique “The Life Aquatic” designs.

This is a hands-on class; figures will be taught as time allows. 


Class 7: “BIRDS”

(medium/large sculptures, duration flexible)

This class demonstrates different kinds of beautiful bird body concepts, and these concepts can easily be used to create a wide variety of bird species.

This class is aimed at intermediate twisters and can be taught as a demonstration-only class or a hands-on class.


(larger sculptures, 90 minutes minimum)

This class leads students through a large detailed sculpture to dazzle customers and audiences. Due to the time and technique involved, Pieter recommends these sculptures be used for deliveries or special events. Each class features just one of the sculptures pictured below. Pieter will also discuss finer points of advanced techniques in these designs and how to apply that to figure-design in general.

This is a hands-on class for intermediate and advanced twisters.


(Duration flexible)

Character swords are swords that represent the features and colors of their inspiring characters. Character swords are wonderful items to make during a gig and are fun for boys and girls!

This class is part lecture and part hands-on. During this beginning of the class, Pieter will teach the construction concepts and show 5 examples of these swords. During the hands-on part, participants will be able to try out a few of the designs or even come up with their own versions. Once familiar with the concept and construction, attendees will be able to design their own character swords.

This is a class for twisters of every level




(Duration flexible)

This class features 1-3 detailed and advanced designs, suitable as deliveries or centerpieces. Pieter will also discuss artistic elements of centerpieces, including color choices and focal points. For decorators and twisters with less time, simplified versions of the designs can be shown and explained as well.

This class is partially lecture with demonstration and partially hands-on.





(Duration at least 90 minutes)

Pieter takes requests and during the years he learned the delicate balance of choosing the right size, detail, and amount of twisting time depending on the demands of the moment. For example, a giraffe requested during a busy linework gig will be a completely different one than he would make for the birthday child at a small party with a lot of time.

In the first half of this class, Pieter will show how to take one basic penguin design and make 3 variations that are different in size, impact and amount of balloons. In the second part of the class, each attendee can expect to take a one-balloon classic design to whole new levels!



Class 12: “COMPACT CHARACTERS” (character designs starting under a minute)

(Small and medium sized sculptures, duration flexible)

Every balloon artist gets character requests and usually they take too much time… not anymore! During this class attendees will learn a very simple concept for making quick characters. This concept can be used for licensed characters, snowman, aliens, ghosts, babies, etc… With the right details, the sky is the limit, and these designs can easily be scaled up for larger visual impact. Besides learning how to make multiple, useful characters, attendees are encouraged to start designing their own Compact Characters!

This is a hands-on class for twisters of any level. Students are encouraged to bring their own markers to create additional artistic details.




(Duration flexible)

In this class, Pieter will showcase multiple advanced twisting techniques that artists can integrate into their own designs. From double-stuffing and distortion to stretch inflating and the frumple twist, there is a lot to learn in this class. Almost all techniques explained in this workshop can be done without the use of tools, however, a few tools come in handy, like a 2mm knitting needle and a Little Lagenda.

This is a hands-on class for advanced artists, and techniques will be covered as time allows.



(Duration at least 90 minutes, preferably 2+ hours)

This is a master class where students can learn secrets of designing realistic and clean-looking balloon sculptures. Students will be led through different stages of design with a clear step-by-step presentation which will build up to designing their own realistic sculptures during the last hour of the class. Pieter has taught this class in Germany, Poland, Taiwan, Israel, Russia, The Netherlands and Japan. The results were truly amazing, these pictures show proud student designers and their sculptures.

This class requires a projector or flatscreen monitor.




(Duration flexible)

Good pictures are essential to preserving our temporary art form. This is a partially theoretical and partially practical class where students can learn Pieter’s secrets to taking excellent photographs of balloons. This is a class for any level twister that will focus on staging, lighting, and perspective of photographs, in addition to basic camera settings and post-production elements (using Photoshop to add watermarks and cleaning up pictures). A PowerPoint presentation of the material will be followed by a practical demonstration of the concepts.  Students will then have the opportunity to try photographing their own sculptures with their own cameras. 

Students should be advised to bring some sort of camera: an iPhone/Android, point-and-shoot, or digital SLR.  This class will need a projector or flatscreen (HDMI) for the presentation, and a photography set up with a (simple) backdrop, table, and a set of photo lights with softboxes.