International award winning balloon artist Pieter van Engen has made a name for himself with his unique style of twisting and his modern and aesthetically pleasing 'Magic Balloon Art' photography. He has won multiple prices and awards and his work is seen in magazines, instructional DVD's and downloads, trainings and performances all over the world. On this website you can learn all about Pieter and Magic Balloon Art, the lectures he teaches and the DVD's and Downloads that he offers.

visit www.ballonnenman.com for more information about shows, performances or booking balloon artist Pieter van Engen in The Netherlands

About Pieter

Pieter van Engen is a musician, entertainer and balloonartist. He won several prizes and received a 'Balloon Excellence Award' in 2010. Learn more about Pieter and Magic Balloon Art

Downloads and DVD’s

Downloads available from soon on! Besides Pieter's figures explained on DVD's there will be added more downloads to the collection during time. Learn more about the content of each DVD or download.


Interested in learning how to make Pieter's designs? Pieter van Engen teaches 'Magic Balloon Art' all around the globe,  Find out about the different lectures that can be chosen from.